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Rodrigo Braga: Crafting a Disturbing Reality with Man, Animal, and Myth?


Rodrigo Braga, a contemporary artist hailing from Manaus, Brazil, has carved a niche for himself in the world of modern art with his provocative and deeply introspective works. Braga’s art is a complex exploration of the relationship between humans and nature, often incorporating animals, human figures, and personal experiences to challenge viewers’ perceptions and evoke deep emotional responses. In this article, we delve into the artistic journey of Rodrigo Braga, his unique thematic focuses, and his engaging presence on social media platforms like Instagram.

Rodrigo Braga - PIPA Prize
Rodrigo Braga| Courtesy: PIPA Prize

Rodrigo Braga and His Artistic Pursuits

Born in 1976, Rodrigo Braga has gained attention for his stirring and often unsettling visual narratives that blend elements of nature with human characteristics. His work is not confined to one medium; instead, Braga utilises photography, video, and performance art to express his themes. Each piece serves as a poignant commentary on the existential interactions between man and the natural world, reflecting both harmony and conflict.

In Focus: Rodrigo Braga | Frieze
In Focus: Rodrigo Braga |Courtesy: Frieze

The Intriguing Theme of Man and Dog

One of the most compelling aspects of Rodrigo Braga’s work involves the fusion of human and animal elements to create chimeric beings that captivate and disturb. Pieces like “Dog Face” and “Dog Man” showcase this hybridization, where the boundary between human and animal blurs, prompting a dialogue on identity, evolution, and our primal roots. These works not only highlight his technical skill but also demonstrate his ability to tap into the collective unconscious, pulling at the threads of familiar yet disconcerting imagery.

Brazil Week: Rodrigo Braga - LENSCRATCH
Brazil Week: Rodrigo Braga – LENSCRATCH | Rodrigo Braga, Compensation Fantasy, 2004 | Courtesy: Lenscratch

Rodrigo Braga on Instagram

In the digital age, artists often utilise social media to expand their reach and engage with a broader audience. Rodrigo Braga’s presence on Instagram allows art enthusiasts and critics alike to follow his creative process, upcoming projects, and daily inspirations. His feed not only features finished artworks but also offers a behind-the-scenes look at how his complex pieces involving animals and human models come to life, providing a deeper understanding of his artistic vision and methodology.

 Hand Of Coal And Blood, 2018| Courtesy: Lenscratch

The Role of Surgery in Braga’s Art

A more controversial yet fascinating aspect of Rodrigo Braga’s work is his use of surgical themes and techniques to alter photographs or even stage interventions on the landscape. This approach can be seen as a metaphor for the human desire to modify and control natural elements, reflecting deeper ecological and philosophical queries about the impact of human actions on the natural world.

Hermit Desire#15, 2009 | Courtesy: Lenscratch

Rodrigo Braga: More Than an Artist

Beyond his artworks, Rodrigo Braga is a thinker and a visionary who challenges the norms of traditional art. His works are invitations to ponder our place in the world and our relationship with other living beings. Whether through the depiction of merged human-animal forms or the surgical manipulation of the natural landscape, Braga’s art compels viewers to reconsider the boundaries of humanity and the natural environment.

On_The Cynical Compation, 2005 | Courtesy: Lenscratch


Rodrigo Braga is not just creating art; he is fostering a dialogue about the future of humanity and the ethical implications of our interactions with nature. His innovative use of mixed media, coupled with his provocative themes, makes Braga a standout figure in contemporary art. For those intrigued by the intersections of human and animal, art and identity, Rodrigo Braga’s works offer a compelling exploration of these complex relationships, beautifully documented and shared for a global audience on platforms like Instagram.

Feature Image courtesy: https://residencyunlimited.org/

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