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Coming from a very rich background of a tradition that is infringed with vivid and diverse cultural praxes, I have grown to imbibe the huge scope of self-expression that is provided by the universe of art. In my practice, I explore fabrics as my medium extensively. My practice is autobiographical and deals with my emotions, memories, and feelings. My work extensively shows my experiences in life and how I portray my every day in the medium. The contrast between life and death and the perspective of viewers are also very important for my work – I involve the viewers in my work and give them equal importance. That is where my work gains significance. I use threads, cotton, and decorative fabrics or laces as well as ashes, burns, and ink splashes in my creations. I use burn as a medium of symbolizing cremation, wound, and the sense of death. On the contrary, I use embroidery to create the visual contrast that beauty creates against death. Most of my works are installation-based.

-Sriparna Dutta

Sriparna Dutta was one of ten winners of the First Take award in 2021. When we asked the artist to share her journey and experience after winning the award, she gave us an energetic reply. Sriparna not only informs us of her recent activities but also highlights her matured introspection and understanding of her art practice.


Sriparna is currently working in a school as an Art facilitator in Hyderabad and planning to shift to Delhi in November. She thinks that the city of Delhi will enhance her artistic practice. After Abir 2021, she participated in art exhibitions, group shows and solo shows, some of them being international. Her solo show Engineering of Art was curated by the art family in 2021. She participated in the group show “Womanism-1”, CIMA Award, and “Back of the Envelope” this year. Last year she participated in an online exhibition in Germany organized by Pashmina Gallery.


Born in the city of joy, she completed her basic education from there. She completed her graduation from the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata in 2016. After that, she joined the government college of Fine Arts, Jabalpur for her further studies but due to some complications, she left it in between and then joined S.N.School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad from where she completed her Master’s.

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