10 Budding Artists According to Akhilesh

Akshay Sakla

Akshay Sakla’s artwork opens up the frequently constricted spatial spaces. His oeuvre has myriad components (a donkey, a crocodile, a carpet), all out of frame. These half cut images seem as if jumping out of the space. There is no rigidity or rather finality to his reality.

Anshu Pancholi

Anshu Pancholi paints with a subtle understanding of form and space. Her awareness of the space and harmonious colour palette brings out the circumstantial paradox and emotions. Her work is an ode to miniature paintings embedded with the ease of the modern world (e.g. the hairdryer). Her colours are cool and dull yet essential to further the narrative.

Anup Shrivastava

Anup Shrivastava is inspired by nature and the tribal communities who rely on it for their rituals and daily life. His work brings together two times - modern and primordial. His colour palette is rich and vibrant. His work is simulative both for him and his audiences.

Durgesh Birthare

Durgesh Birthare teaches at Jabalpur Art School. He plays with delicate colour tones. His work evokes the imagery of wind passing through a dense forest. His work is not representational but rather urges the audience to gravitate inward.

Lucky Jaiswal

Lucky Jaiswal thrives in the weirdness of reality. He is proficient in both portraits and abstract scapes. He is awe-inspired by nature and all things that gently wisp through it. His colours are tamed and indicate his mood. The figures in his paintings are a form of necessity.

Prabhat Joshi

Prabhat Joshi borrows elements of nature, concocting them into his unique fluid visual language. His work is informed by the unplanned hazardous industrial growth hence, he enveloped the forms in his collection with smoke.

Pratik Koundinye

Pratik Koundinye’s artwork is a masterclass in narrative figurative painting. Pratik’s oeuvre entails an aura of invisible light. Despite the absence of light, you encounter lit mis-en-scene and colour patterns at every inch of the canvas. He draws human figures, animals, and objects, all bound by circumstances and situations to elicit a particular mood.

Rafique Shah

Rafique Shah observes the world in multi-coloured shapes and patterns. To him, geometry is reality. The colours in his paintings have a delicate tonal relationship, exhibiting a boldness which isn’t a characteristic of the artist himself.

Sunny Malwatkar

Sunny Malwatkar is an Indore native. He paints multi-layered thick colour patches, invoking the abstract. But don’t let it fool you, for nature is his biggest inspiration; a piece embedded into his artwork.

Vishakha Hardikar

Ujjain-born painter Vishakha Hardikar has successfully immersed herself in Mumbai’s bustling art scene. Vishakha’s artwork elucidates the power of narrative storytelling in her Pop Art style. Her work deals with family and nostalgia packaged in simple and relatable canvases.