10 Emerging Queer Artists You Should Know About.

By Abir Pothi

Parth Pawar (They/Them)

Parth Pawar identifies as non-binary. According to Parth, their artworks are a way to showcase and amplify their identity. 

Jose (She/They)

In Jose’s own words, their art revolves around themes of gender fluidity, satire and the general horrors that come with living in our dystopia.

Ritika Gupta (She/Her)

The art of Ritika includes a diverse range of topics. The autistic queer artist says, “(her) art revolves around intersections of disability, gender and sexuality, focussing on concepts of neuroqueer, disabled rest, disabled pleasure, accessibility and inclusiveness”. 

Ramaa (They/Them)

A lot of Rama’s work revolves around the expression of the human body, mostly in terms of their relationship to nudity.

Aindriya Barua (They/Them)

Aindriya Barua describes themself as a political artist.

Ayushi Kukadia (They/Them)

Ayushi Kukadia treats their art as a solace to explore and seek more comfortability with their queerness. 

Deepti (She/Her)

Deepti describes herself as a visual storyteller. The artist who identifies as bisexual has a bright, powerful and playful colour palette.

Aakanksha R. Gautam (She/They)

“I love words as much as I love to paint!” says Aakanksha as they tell us how their persistent habit of underlining phrases resulted in their Blackout art or Erasures.

Jeenal Bavisa (He/Him)

Jen is an illustrator, writer, photographer and an NFT artist. His artworks are predominantly 2D art that follows dark emotions.

Reya Ahmed (They/She)

Reya Ahmed is a UK-based Indian visual artist. Their chief sources of expression include illustrations, animation, graphic and editorial design.