Fabulous Types of Stairs

9 July 2024

1. Ladders

Ladders are a more compact way of moving between floors. Typically, they have taller steps and shorter treads than other types of stairs.

2. Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs are shaped like a perfect circle or a helical arc when viewed from above. Typically, a hole cut into the floor allows the spiral stairs’ radiating steps to ascend to the floor above from a central post.

3. Cantilever Stairs/ Floating Staircase/ Open Staircase

The steps of the cantilever stairs or floating staircase seem to float in midair with no visible support. They have a sleek, minimalist appearance and give off a modern vibe.

4. Quarter Turn Stairs/ L Shaped Stairs

L shaped stairs or quarter turn staircases are straight staircases with a bend or a turn, usually at the centre. The bend is typically, though not always 90 degrees.

5. Straight Stairs

Straight stairs run straight with no direction changes. The design only requires an attachment at the top and bottom without any additional support.

6. U Shaped Stairs/ Switchback/Half-Back/ Half-Turn

Two parallel flights of stairs are connected by a 180-degree turn landing to form the U shaped stairs. They're also referred to as the half-turn, halfback, or switchback stairs.

7. Winder Stairs

A variation on the L shaped stairs, the winder stairs have triangle-shaped steps that change at the corner and a pie-shaped landing.

8. Curved Stairs/ Arched Staircase

Similar to winder stairs but with a larger radius of curvature, curved stairs are a continuous flight of steps in the shape of an arch without any landings.

9. Storage Staircase

Storage staircases have cabinets underneath the risers, converting them into a drawer. Instead of using rails, balustrades can be added to improve the style.

10. Split Staircase/ Bifurcated Stairs

A split staircase features a broad set of steps that divide into two more narrow flights at the landing that face opposite directions.