Major American Airlines : Comparing Services, Destinations, and Experiences

15th June, 2024

1. American Airlines

American Airlines, a global giant, offers extensive domestic and international routes, renowned for its Advantage frequent flyer program and superior business services, with key hubs in Dallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte, and Miami.

2. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers due to its low-cost fares, free checked bags, and Rapid Rewards frequent flyer program. Operating primarily in the US, it has hubs in Dallas, Chicago, and Denver.

3. United Airlines

United Airlines is a major player in the airline industry, with a robust network that includes numerous international destinations. United is known for its MileagePlus loyalty program and the Polaris business class service, which features lie-flat seats on long-haul flights. Hubs in Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco make United a convenient option for travellers across the country.

4. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is known for its exceptional customer service, reliable on-time performance, and SkyMiles loyalty program. It operates both domestic and international routes, with key hubs in Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Detroit. Delta's comfortable and premium economy seats are popular choices.

5. Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is synonymous with ultra-low-cost travel. While the base fares are incredibly cheap, be prepared for additional fees for everything from carry-on bags to seat selection. Spirit’s Bare Fare pricing model is ideal for travellers who prioritise price over frills. Major hubs include Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Las Vegas.

6. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers a blend of budget-friendly fares and high-quality service. Known for its Mileage Plan frequent flyer program, Alaska Airlines also provides free in-flight messaging and a robust network along the West Coast and to destinations in Alaska and Hawaii. The airline’s major hubs are in Seattle, Portland, and Anchorage.

7. Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is another ultra-low-cost carrier that focuses on providing basic transportation at the lowest possible cost. With a la carte pricing for additional services, Frontier is ideal for budget travellers who don’t mind sacrificing some comfort for savings. Hubs include Denver, Orlando, and Las Vegas.

8. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines offers a unique flying experience, with direct flights between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii. Known for its Hawaiian hospitality, the airline provides complimentary meals on long-haul flights and a generous loyalty program called HawaiianMiles. Major hubs are in Honolulu and Kahului.

9. Skywest Airlines

Skywest Airlines operates as a regional carrier for several major airlines, including United, Delta, and American. While you won’t book directly with Skywest, understanding its role can help you navigate regional flights, especially in underserved markets. Skywest’s operational hubs vary based on the partner airline’s needs.

10. JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways is a favourite for its customer-friendly policies, including free in-flight entertainment, snacks, and Wi-Fi on most flights. Known for its spacious seats and excellent service, JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program offers straightforward rewards. The airline’s primary hubs are in New York City, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale.