11 Art-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Salvador Dali

Nothing speaks Dali louder than that moustache. Grab onto the nearest black suit and tie, gel your hair back and put on that curvy moustache. If you can DIY a melting clock out of your nearest art supplies it would be a cherry on top!

2. Yayoi Kusama

What comes to your mind when you first hear the name “Kusama”? We say Polka Dots. One of the most signature outfits of Kusama is the red polka-dotted dress, with red hair and white sunglasses.

3. Frida Kahlo

The quickest way to pull off a Frida look would be to grab a floral dress, a hair up-do with an abundance of flowers on your hair like a crown and her signature browline is the way to go.

4. Van Gogh

For a perfect Van Gogh look, we suggest a washable temporary orange hair dye for your hair and beard, a blue coat and a beige hat. Viola!

5. Girl with a Pearl Earring

This Classic Johannes Vermeer painting is truly an undying beauty. You would need a blue and a beige scarf or cloth for your head and a beige or brown dress to pull of the look. And oh! Don’t forget the Pearl earrings!

6. Andy Warhol

All you need to pull off a perfect Andy Warhol look is a black high neck and black pants, Black spects, with a full white wig. As an extra detail, you can always carry a can of Cambells tomato soup.

7. Bob Ross

A typical Bob Ross Halloween look requires a permed hair or wig, a signature blue shirt and jeans, a paintbrush or painting in one hand and a colour palette in the other.

8. Banksy

When out of ideas, go for a Banksy Graffiti. An all-black outfit, a black cap with a black scarf to cover the face and mouth and a bouquet of flowers is one of the several ways to go.

9. Rene Magritte

Pulling off a Rene Magritte-inspired The Son of Man costume would require a regular black suit with a white shirt underneath, a red tie, and a black hat with a green apple hanging down the hat.

10. Mona Lisa

In order to pull off a perfect Mona Lisa, you can DIY a frame out of cardboard, put on your black gown with a long-haired wig and do not forget to conceal your eyebrows.

11. Andy’s Marilyn

Yes, a Marilyn costume may be one of the most common ideas. But have you ever tried an Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe look? All you need for that is your regular Marilyn Monroe look, with pink body paint, neon yellow hair wig and aqua eyeshadow.