All You Need to Know About KATHKUNI – Himanchal’s Sustainable Architecture

By Abir Pothi

Weather Friendly

Since these structures have been made in the Himachal region, Kathkuni has been the go-to method of construction. The biggest advantage of this style of architecture is that it is attuned to the local environment.

Standing Majestic at Naggar

Naggar was once the capital of the Kullu kings. The Jagatpatt Temple inside the castle complex is a beautiful structure built in the KathKuni style with intricate carvings on the wood..

Divine Marvel of Hadimba and Vashishth Temple

Vashishth Temple is a renowned place of worship revered for its hot water springs that are said to cure ailments. Its dry masonry, sans the use of slurry, indicates the KathKuni style of architecture.

History of KathKuni

KathKuni is a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation, practiced over centuries