Most Famous works of Eero Saarienen

11th July, 2024

1. Tulip Chair (1956)

A chair with a sleek, single-legged base and a molded fiberglass shell, part of the Tulip series.

2. Tulip Table (1956)

Known for its minimalist pedestal base and round or oval top, often paired with the Tulip Chair.

3. Gateway Arch (1965) 

 An iconic stainless steel arch in St. Louis, Missouri, symbolizing the gateway to the American West.

4. Miller House (1957)

A residential masterpiece in Columbus, Indiana, known for its innovative use of space and materials.

5. TWA Flight Center (1962)

A futuristic terminal at JFK Airport in New York, celebrated for its sweeping curves and modernist design.

6. Womb Chair (1948)

A cozy, organic-shaped chair designed for comfort and relaxation, featuring a molded fiberglass shell and fabric upholstery.

7. Ingalls Rink (1958) 

 A Yale University ice hockey rink known for its sweeping, catenary arch roof.

8. Kresge Auditorium (1955) 

An MIT building characterized by its thin-shell concrete roof and minimalist design.

9. Pedestal Collection (1957)

A series of furniture pieces, including tables and chairs, featuring pedestal bases and clean, modern lines.

10. Washington Dulles International Airport (1962) -

Known for its innovative use of mobile lounges to transport passengers between terminals.

11. CBS Building (1965)

Also known as the Black Rock, a striking skyscraper in New York City with a distinctive dark granite facade.