Manga, a dynamic Japanese comic art, is a global cultural phenomenon with millions of fans worldwide, blending rich artwork, captivating storytelling, and diverse themes. 

Nanashi, a renowned pseudonymous manga creator, is known for his unique storytelling style, vivid character designs, flowing lines, and thrilling action scenes.


Masamune Shirow is a renowned Japanese manga artist and illustrator known for his intricate artwork, including action scenes, futuristic cityscapes, and elaborate mechanical creations.

Masamune Shirow

Manga artist Mengo Yokoyari is renowned for her passionate stories, bold illustrations, expressive character designs, and dynamic strength, showcasing nuanced body language and facial emotions.

Mengo Yokoyari

Hisashi, a renowned Japanese illustrator and manga artist, is known for his intricate character designs, often featuring ecchi and hentai elements, characterized by sensuality.


Kiyohiko Azuma, a renowned Japanese manga artist, is known for his works on the popular series "Azumanga Daioh" and "Yotsuba&!".

Kiyohiko Azuma

Ken Akamatsu, a renowned Japanese manga writer and illustrator, is known for his hit series "Love Hina" and "Negima! Magister Negi Magi."

Ken Akamatsu

Japanese manga illustrator Shun Saeki, known for his work on "Food Wars!", gained prominence through internet illustrations.

Shun Saeki

Fumita Yanagida, born in 1987, is a renowned Japanese manga artist and illustrator known for her unique storytelling technique and artistic style.

Fumita Yanagida

Hiromitsu Takeda, a renowned Japanese manga artist, is known for his unique style in adult hentai, focusing on sexuality, explicit settings, and detailed character designs.

Hiromitsu Takeda

Takashi Takeuchi is famous for his exceptional character designs in video games, anime, and manga, particularly in fantasy, science fiction, and sexual art.

Tony Taka

Manga artist and illustrator Mine Yoshizaki, born in Tokyo in 1971, is known for her work on the popular anime series "Sgt. Frog."

Mine Yoshizaki

Japanese manga artist Okayado, known as Takemaru Inui, is best known for his work on the popular series "Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls."