Different Types of Architects

2 July 2024

1. Landscape Architect

Landscape architects are experts in designing outdoor areas, such as golf courses, orchards, playgrounds, college campuses, water features, street furniture, gazebos, and public gardens.

2. Interior Architect

Interior architects ensure that a space is utilized to its maximum potential, albeit based on the occupant’s behaviour.

3. Urban Designer/ Urban Architect

An urban designer will primarily concentrate on the city's zoning to make sure that residential, commercial, and industrial spaces are arranged sustainably and with sufficient infrastructure.

4. Industrial Architect

Industrial architect specializes in the design and construction of practical and effective warehouses, factories, storage facilities, distribution & logistics centres.

5. Project Architect

A project architect supervises a project's architectural components during its design and development taking ownership and accountability from start to finish.

6. Residential Architect

The design of homes for private construction or estate development companies is the area of expertise for residential architects.

7. Commercial Architect

Commercial architects define a cityscape. They often design retail stores, office buildings, hotels, museums, hospitals, public buildings, government centres, and other non-residential properties.

8. Lighting Architect

Lighting architects study the different ways that artificial and natural light influence human behaviour.

9. Planning Architect

The planning, design, and construction phases of structural projects are managed by planning architects.

10. Conservation Architect/ Restoration Architect

Conservation architects or restoration architects are associated with maintenance, preserving a building's original architectural style.

11. Green Design Architect/ Sustainable Architect

Green Design architects are skilled in designing buildings that are both energy- and environmentally-efficient. They collaborate closely with the supply chain of the construction industry.

12. Historic Preservation Architect

A historic preservation architect assesses and maintains historically and architecturally significant older buildings.

13. Extreme Architect

Extreme architects are experts at creating buildings in harsh environments.

14. Research Architect

New design and development techniques for technological applications are the main focus of research architects.

15. Audiovisual Architect

Custom audio and visual entertainment systems are the area of expertise for audiovisual architects.

16. Retrofit Architect

A retrofit architect creates plans and plans to use a wider range of energy sources to make pre-existing structures more environmentally friendly.