Top Architects in Delhi

29 June 2024

1. Morphogenesis

Founded in 1996, Morphogenesis was established by Sonali and Manit Rastogi to define sustainable architecture for modern India.


Rahoul Singh and Laxmi Chand Singh founded RLDA as a design studio in 1997. RLDA focuses on the form, image, content, and detail of their projects taking into account their purpose and setting.

3. Studio Lotus

In 2002, Ambrish Arora, Ankur Choksi, and Sidhartha Talwar founded Studio Lotus. The company approaches its work with a deep understanding of context and  sensory aspects of the environment.

4. Anagram Architects

Vaibhav Dimri and Madhav Raman founded Anagram Architects in 2001. They strive to evolve culturally appropriate, contextually responsive, and resource-efficient designs while enhancing elemental modernity.

5. 42mm Architecture

In 2005, Rudraksh Charan and Priyanka Khanna founded 42mm Architecture. The firm redefines spaces and designs settings that are harmonious with sustainability, aesthetics, and utility.

6. Anupama Kundoo Architects

Anupama Kundoo established Anupama Kundoo Architects in 1990. The firm’s projects are the outcome of developing procedures and building knowledge.

7. Ant Studio

Monish Siripurapu established Ant Studio in 2010 to bridge the gap between machinery and craft, encompassing all fields of art, architecture, technology, and materiality blending with nature.

8. Architecture Discipline

Akshat Bhatt founded Architecture Discipline in 2007. Their rational, context-driven approach to ideation, is defined and developed by a highly technical outlook emphasizing longevity and flexibility.

9. SpaceMatters

In 2005, Amritha Ballal, Moulshri Joshi, and Suditya Sinha founded SpaceMatters. They re-create spaces while viewing change from a spatial perspective.

10. Studio Symbiosis

In 2010, Amit and Britta Knobel Gupta founded Studio Symbiosis. They produce integrated design solutions, incorporating cohesive, effective, durable, and sustainable designs for great performance.

11. Ultraconfidentiel

In 2007, Stephanie Bonduelle and Amaury Watine founded Ultraconfidentiel Design. To create a modern, distinctive, and contemporary environment, they optimize space and flow.

12. Vir Mueller Architects

Christine Mueller and Pankaj Vir Gupta established Vir Mueller Architects in 2003. The firm establishes distinct kinetic and visual relationships within the parameters of location, and culture.

13. SPA Design

Stephane Paumier established SPA Design in 2005. The practice develops contextual skills for every project through extensive research into the site's history, context, and technical details.

14. Group DCA

Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal founded Group DCA in 1996. Encouraging brand identities while promoting design excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction are their core values.

15. Amit Khanna Design Associates

Amit Khanna Design Associates was founded in 2004 by Amit Khanna to integrate sustainability and regional identity into both the design process and the finished product.

16. Portal 92

Portal 92 was founded by Sagar Goyal and Aanchal Sawhney. Portal 92 offers customized holistic design solutions by fusing architectural research, practice, and artistic expression.

17. Romi Khosla Design Studios

In 2001, Martand Khosla established Romi Khosla Design Studios. Its design parameters and concerns are determined by the materials that are available at the project site and the occupant's socioeconomic profile.

18. Common Ground Practice

It was Priyamwada Singh who founded Common Ground Practice in 2013. They emphasize ecologically sound, culturally relevant, and modern built environments.

19. Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio

Sanjay Arora founded Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio in 2006. The firm investigates cutting-edge digital technology and conventional design ideologies at the same time to design spaces.

20. Studio Aadya Aakar

Studio Aadya Aakar was founded by Tanay Jaithalia. The firm is dedicated to space planning and design through idea, innovation, and identity.

21. Zed Lab

Zero Energy Design Lab (ZED Lab) was founded by  Sachin Rastogi and Payal Seth Rastogi in 2009. It focuses on building net-zero energy structures.