Creative Zentangle Art Designs

11 June 2024

Zentangle Art Animals

A popular theme in Zentangle doodle art is animal zentangle art. None of nature’s creations, whether it is a bear or a lion is geometrical, hence, you must try using wavy and curvy zentangle art patterns.

Mandala Zentangle Art

Due to their intricate geometric patterns, there can be several Zentangle mandala art designs. Zentangle mandala art serves as a visual representation of balance and harmony.

Flower Zentangle Art

A flower Zentangle art borrows from the sinewy forms of flowers, alike Art Deco. Whether you are inspired by roses or carnations, is totally up to you.

Butterfly Zentangle Art

Embed the colour scheme and the fluttering curves of a butterfly into your zentangle art designs. You may draw the border of your butterfly zentangle art resembling the insect.