5 African Pop Artists Artists You Should Know About

1. Hassan Hajjaj

Hailing from Morocco, Hassan Hajjaj settled in London and Marrakech in 1961. He is regarded as “the master of Moroccan pop art.” He skillfully combines elements of London’s underground culture with his North African ancestry, all while embracing bright colours and whimsical patterns.

2. Fred Ebami

For the past ten years, 45-year-old Franco-Cameroonian artist Fred Ebami has been at the forefront of “New Pop,” a digital Pop Art movement with an African viewpoint.

3. Irma Engelbrecht

Irma Engelbrecht is an artist from South Africa who was born in Cape Town in 1954. She has exhibited in the United States and Austria and has a background in business and art education.

4. Ann Gadd

Renowned for her ‘ewe/sheep’ series, Ann Gadd is a dynamic and prolific South African author and artist who went on to explore a variety of issues in series like ‘Wild Life,’ ‘Zulu Lulu,’ and ‘Going to the Dogs.’

5. Jimmy Law

Jimmy Law is a talented printmaker and painter from South Africa who focuses on producing vivid and emotive nudist portraits. His artwork features a dynamic aesthetic and has been shown in Cape Town shows as well as international collections.