Architectural Works of Le Corbusier in India

Secretariat Building, Chandigarh

The Secretariat, a gigantic 254-metre-long and 42-metre-high concrete structure that was finished in 1952, houses the local administrations of Punjab and Haryana.

Legislative Assembly / Palace of Assembly, Chandigarh

With cosmic and natural elements, the entrance door’s almost 25 square feet symbolises the new India. The structure encourages movement and has a circular assembly room, defying conventional architectural conventions.

High Court, Chandigarh

The building’s rhythmic facade is offset by the enormous, brightly coloured concrete pylons. A verandah was eventually built into the structure, which was initially intended to serve as a symbol of protection from the sun and rain.

Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh

Gandhara sculptures, Pahari miniature paintings, and contemporary Indian art are all on display in this Chandigarh museum. It is a gathering place for tourists, academics, and artists, and it has an auditorium, three levels of exhibition space, and a library.

Sanskar Kendra Museum, Ahmedabad

The foundation stone for the museum’s construction was set in 1954. It has a climate-friendly design, basic brick and bare concrete façade, and the recognisable pilotis of Le Corbusier.