Art Galleries in Pune You Should Check Out!


22 April 2024

Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery

Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery was created when the Pune Municipal Corporation and Art Pune Foundation partnered together. The Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery offers a range of year-round artistic activities

Srujan Art Gallery

Srujan Art Gallery was founded by artist and cartoonist duo Bhagyashree Pandit and Charuhas Pandit in 2007. What sets the gallery apart is their creative wood art.


Art2Day Gallery was established in 2005 by Sanjeev and Priyamvada Pawar. The gallery's extensive collection boasts of Indian paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs, and folk art.

Darpan Art Gallery

The Kalachhaya Cultural Centre founded the Darpan Art Gallery in 2008. It is renowned for featuring works of mixed media, sculpture, photography, and visual arts.

The Monalisa Kalagram

Mona and Lisa Pingale, a mother-daughter team, founded the Monalisa Kalagram in 2016. Poetry sessions, film screenings, theatrical productions, musical performances, art exhibits, and book readings are held at the Monalisa Kalagram.