5 Best Acrylic Paint Pens in the Market

Acrylic paints are harder to master with a paintbrush. The solution? Acrylic paint pens! These pens amalgamate the ease and precision of a pencil with the distinct nature of acrylic paints.

Uni Posca Paint Markers

The Uni Posca Acrylic Marker Pens come in an assortment of tip sizes and opaque colours. They are water-based, easy to activate, and can be used on various surfaces. Thee ink inside doesn’t dry out fast.

Artistro Paint Pens

The Artistro Paint pens are water-based acrylic paint pens. Due to their extra fine tip, they are the best acrylic paint pens for detailed and precise painting on diverse surfaces. The colors produced are waterproof and fade-resistant ensuring permanent marks.

Pebeo Acrylic Markers

The Pebeo acrylic paint marker pens have 47 shades to choose from. They have only three nib sizes and a built-in pump mechanism which dispenses paint at an optimum rate, ensuring a precise line each time.

Molotow Paint Markers

The refillable Molotow acrylic paint marker pens are highly pigmented to cover a larger surface with the smallest amount of paint. The colours are vibrant, opaque, UV resistant, and of course waterproof.

Crafts 4 All Acrylic Markers

These highly pigmented acrylic paint marker pens are made of a non-toxic formula and have an excellent coverage. Despite having a broad tip, they are easy to control and leave a permanent mark.