Best Paint Brush Set for Beginners

14 June 2024

Kokuyo Camlin Paint Brush Set

For young artists with a creative bent, the Kokuyo Camlin Paint Brush Set does the trick. The flat paint brush set features a short handle and soft hair. The bristles are synthetic and machine-made.

Camel White Bristle Artist Paint Brush Set

This Camel Artist paint brush set is made of white bristles. The hard-bristled flat paint brush set was first introduced in 1965 and intended to pull thick oil or acrylic paints for impasto painting.

Faber Castell Paint Brush Set

The Faber Castell paint brush set is a round paint brush set of either 4 or 7. They feature wooden handles, non-rust ferrules, and soft bristles. The bristles of this watercolor paint brush set are made of pony hair.

Bomega Artist Paint Brush Set

The nylon bristles in the Bomega Artist paint brush set are incredibly versatile and used for multiple mediums. The weight of birch wood is well-balanced to ensure that your strokes are consistent.

Nicpro Acrylic Paint Brush Set

One of the best acrylic paint brush sets to buy is the Nicpro 12 piece acrylic paint brush set. This set includes a variety of sizes and brush types such as round, flat, filbert, angle, and rigger.