5 Creative Paper Lantern Designs

Floating Lanterns

Using tissue paper and thin bamboo sticks, make a cubical structure. Make a frame for the extinguishable fuel cell (cotton pad dipped in wax and sawdust) at the bottom of the structure. Make sure that the fuel cell is in the centre and far away from all four sides of the paper.

Water Floating Lanterns

Use waterproof paper for the base of the lantern. Add it to a foam sheet or a plastic plate (ensuring that it keeps on floating).

Designer Paper Lanterns

For this, you will need an opaque paper. In the opaque paper cut out a design (stars, fairies, Chanel logo, or any theme you choose). Replace the opaque cutout with translucent paper and glue it. Now you may see the light seeping only through the cutout, rendering the design visible.

Tassel Lanterns

If you are making a DIY paper lantern to hang on a wall or ceiling, remove the light. Instead, attach colourful tassels and ribbons to the bottom of the lantern. This will give the paper lantern not only a festive touch but a playful and fun one as well.

Paper Cup Lantern Craft

Get a foam or paper cup and decorate it. You may either cut out a design of your liking, or paste several cutouts on the paper cup. Tie a string on the top of the glass, if you wish to hang it. Now place a small LED light in it.