5 Exciting Paper Mache Design Ideas

Paper Mache Bunny

Your child will love playing with a paper mache cat, paper mache bunny, paper mache fish, paper mache bird, or any animal-shaped paper mache toy. Simply craft the animal shape using scrunched-up newspapers. Cover them with an additional layer of newspaper to ensure a smooth surface. Now apply the paper mache technique and colour them.

Paper Mache Mushroom

Making paper mache mushrooms and placing them near your windowsill or even your porch will make you feel as if you were ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Make sure to put on bright neon colours, so they sparkle even when it's dark.

Paper Mache Alien

If you were a big fan of the movie ‘E.T.’, you can get yourself a brand new paper mache alien named ‘E.T.’ You can also opt for a misshapen alien, an oompa loompa, or even the green martian. Just take care of the colours and run amok in space.

Paper Mache Skull

Paper mache Halloween items such as the typical paper mache skull or paper mache pumpkin are fun to make. Scare the life out of the trick-or-treaters. This is a nightmare they never saw coming.

Paper Mache Vase

You must make a paper mache vase for your floral centerpiece. Decorate it with the theme of your choice. Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even a bridal shower, all is possible with the endless opportunities of this paper mache vase.