Figurative Artists You Should Know About

14th May, 2024

A revolutionary figure in the art world, Picasso’s exploration of the human form spanned various styles and periods. From his early Blue Period to his later Cubist works, Picasso’s bold experimentation with shape and colour redefined figurative art.

1. Pablo Picasso

Known for his haunting and visceral portraits, Bacon’s work delved into the darker aspects of the human psyche. His distorted figures and somber colors evoke a sense of raw emotion and existential angst.

2. Francis Bacon

Hockney’s vibrant depictions of everyday life often feature bold colors and geometric compositions. His unique blend of figurative representation and abstract elements reflects a contemporary approach to the genre.

3. David Hockney

 Renowned for his intimate and psychologically charged portraits, Freud’s figurative works capture the essence of his subjects with raw honesty. His use of rough brushstrokes and somrer colours lends a sense of immediacy and depth to his paintings.

4. Lucian Freud

Known for her powerful and confrontational depictions of the human body, Saville’s work challenges conventional notions of beauty and femininity. Her large-scale canvases often feature distorted figures and exaggerated forms, inviting viewers to confront their own perceptions of the body.

5. Jenny Saville