Rococo Artists to Know About


10th May, 2024

François Boucher, a renowned 18th-century French Rococo painter, excelled in his opulent, seductive, and endearing creations, often featuring mythological subjects, pastoral scenes, and romanticized everyday life.

1. François Boucher

Thomas Gainsborough, a renowned 18th-century English painter, was renowned for his landscapes and portraits, particularly his high society portraits, which significantly contributed to Georgian art.

2. Thomas Gainsborough

William Hogarth, an English humorist, painter, and engraver, was known for his insightful commentary on 18th-century society through his works like "A Harlot's Progress" and "Marriage à-la-mode."

3. William Hogarth

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo was an Italian Rococo painter and printmaker who lived from 1696 until 1770. Across Europe, churches and palaces have displayed his renowned frescoes. Bright colors, dynamic compositions, and a theatrical quality define Tiepolo’s work.

4. Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Antoine Watteau, a renowned French Rococo painter, significantly influenced French painting in the eighteenth century with his vibrant, poetic paintings like "Pilgrimage to Cythera." His paintings, including “Pilgrimage to Cythera,” are distinguished by their bright colors, poetic setting, and deft brushwork.

5.  Antoine Watteau