US Artists at Venice Biennale 2024

16th May, 2024

Saliba Douaihy, born in 1915 in Lebanon, developed an artistic flair from a young age, moving from his homeland to Paris and New York City.

Saliba Douaihy

His experiences influenced Douaihy's artistic evolution in Beirut, New York City, and his commissioned works, such as "Regeneration" (1974), which showcased a minimalist style.

Dumile Feni, born in Worcester, South Africa, in 1939, was a passionate mural painter and political activist who lived in New York City until 1991, influenced by his artistic passions.

Dumile Feni

"Head" by Feni, a 1981 sculpture, features elongated male figures with soft curves and precise features, capturing the essence of the human form with bold lines and attention to detail.

Domenico Gnoli, born in 1933 in Rome, Italy, was raised in the arts and grew up in New York, USA, with a passion for art and design.

Domenico Gnoli

Gnoli showcases his unique artistic style, blending hyperrealism and surrealism, inspired by Renaissance masters and metaphysical painting, transforming everyday objects into enigmatic focal points.

An Italian artist, Costantino Nivola lived a remarkable life, showcasing his talents through sculptures, murals, and designs, eventually seeking refuge in the United States in 1939.

Costantino Nivola

Nivola's 1954 New York bas-relief, inspired by childhood memories, combines prehistoric Sardinian figurines, carnival masks, and Native American totemic cultures, showcasing his artistic achievements.

Joseph Stella, an Italian-born artist, is known for his vibrant depictions of early 20th-century American life, including his iconic "Fountain" painting.

Joseph Stella

Stella's "Fountain" features a majestic fountain, graceful tree branches, a nude figure, a swan, and a lotus flower in an idyllic setting.