Famous Sculptures of Gian Lorenzo Bernini

10th May, 2024

Bernini's David sculpture, located in Rome's Galleria Borghese, captures the tension and concentration of the biblical hero, contrasting Michelangelo's serene and composed David. Its dynamic pose and focused expression make it a must-see for visitors to the Eternal City.

1. David

The Bernini Teresa sculpture, also known as "The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa," depicts an angel piercing Saint Teresa with a golden arrow, symbolizing divine bliss. Known for its intricate detailing and remarkable capture of the angel's lightness and Teresa's softness, it is housed in Rome's Cornaro Chapel.

2. The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

The Apollo and Daphne Bernini sculpture, housed in Galleria Borghese, is a notable example of Bernini's ability to depict complex narratives through marble, showcasing his skill in capturing the climactic moment when Daphne transforms into a laurel tree.

3. The Apollo and Daphne

The Bernini Pluto and Proserpina sculpture in Galleria Borghese depicts Proserpina's abduction by Pluto, showcasing Bernini's mastery over marble, with realistic textures and Pluto's grip on Proserpina's flesh.

4. Pluto and Proserpina

Located in the Musei Capitolini, the Bernini Medusa sculpture features the mythical Gorgon with a face that is a blend of horror and beauty, capturing her in the moment of transformation into the monstrous being with snakes for hair

5. Medusa

While not a single sculpture, references to a “veil” often point to his ability to carve marble so delicately that it appears translucent, as seen in “The Blessed Ludovica Albertoni.”

5. The Veiled Virgin