Popular Art Forms of Chhattisgarh

1 July 2024

Pithora paintings are done on the walls and floors of homes to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune. Their imagery is connected to rituals and special occasions.

1. Pithora Painting

The word ‘Godna,’ means ‘to tattoo by pricking.’ Using a sharp thorn or reed, the skin is carefully punctured for the Godna tattoo design, which is then covered in naturally occurring tattoo ink.

2. Godna

The Indigenous craftspeople carve ‘shisham,’ ‘teak,’ ‘dhudi,’ ‘sal,’ and ‘kikar,’ wood to make ceilings, doors, lintels, sculptures, window frames, masks, pipes, and furniture.

3. Wood Craft

Artisans create bamboo craft items for both decorative and everyday use. These include baskets, hunting tools, fishing nets, and agricultural implements.

4. Bamboo Craft

Chhattisgarh is the biggest producer of Kosa silk in India. Kosa silk has been produced in the Korba and Champa districts for centuries and is prized for its delicate texture, toughness, and inherent sheen.

5. Kosa Silk Weaving

Brass or bronze are the most popular materials which are created using the hollow casting or lost-wax casting technique. They are produced by the ‘Jharas’ of Raigarh and ‘Ghawas’ of Bastar.

6. Dhokra Or Bell Metal