Techniques for Pencil Shading Drawings for Beginners

17 June 2024

Hatching is the most basic technique for making pencil shading drawings for beginners. It involves drawing a series of closely spaced parallel lines. You can draw these lines at any angle


Cross-hatching is yet another method to make a pencil shading drawing for kids. It uses two sets of parallel lines that are crossed at an angle, often perpendicular, producing a mesh-like effect.

Cross Hatching

Blending is perhaps the most used technique for pencil shading for beginners. This method is about hiding the application of marks. Blending aims to produce a gradual gradation.


Stippling is a method for pencil shading for kids that produces highlights and shadows using tiny dots. Although the dots can be any size, they are typically uniform throughout the desired region.


Scribbling is a shading technique to make pencil shading drawings for beginners that creates highlights and shadows with haphazard, haphazard strokes. It's the fastest way to shade.


Another unique technique to make a pencil shading drawing for kids is circulism. This shading method utilises numerous overlapping circular shapes. It is effective in representing hazy or soft surfaces.