7 Awesome Tie-Dye Designs and How to Fold Them

If you are going for an ombre effect (remember that you can only do so with one colour), you do not need folding. You simply need to dip the cloth in the bucket. Section your garment. Now dip the bottom part in the solution again for a stronger colour. Repeat the process till you are satisfied.

Ombre/ Gradient Effect

Lay your shirt flat. Find the centre and pinch it, pulling it upwards. Nearly 1-2 inches in, section your shirt using rubber bands. Keep repeating this process, bifurcating your shirt with the rubber bands placed 1 inch apart until your shirt looks like a stretched-out stick. Spritz different coloured dyes on these sections.

Bull’s Eye Effect

Lay your shirt down flat. Now at the centre, rotate and crumple your shirt till it forms into a tiny disc. Wrap the rubber bands around the garment. The more rubber bands you put in, the more sections there will be. Spritz colour on each section. If you only have two dyes at hand, we advise you to alternate the colours.

Nebula/ Spiral/ Swirl Effect

Grab a handful of beads or beans. Now carefully place them inside the shirt and wrap a piece of plastic over them with the rubber band. Spritz the colours. The plastic will ensure that the color does not penetrate the fabric. You will be left with a vibrant shirt with white polka dots.

Polka Dot Effect

Simply scrunch up your shirt any way you like. Tie rubber bands around it, you guessed it, any way you like. Now spritz the sections.

Abstract Effect

Fold your T-shirt in half. Now draw a heart shape (use a thread, not a paint marker). Carefully fold the T-shirt so that the heart shape is accommodated in a complete section. You may make several sections to replicate a beating heart ?. Spritz the sections with the dye solutions.

Heart Effect

Fold your shirt twice so it becomes a quarter of its original. Now make diagonal folds till it becomes a sixteenth of its original. Secure with rubber bands and spritz the dye solution on the sections.

Kaleidoscope/ Mandala Effect