7 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas to Add to Your Decor

Classic Paper Ring Wreath

Fold a green paper in half. Create a margin and trace lines parallel to the width. Cut them. Unfold the paper and glue the opposite sides to get a tube. Now join the ends of the two sides to create a ring. Add in the red berries, bows, and other small decorations.

Newspaper Wreath

Cut the newspaper into several rectangles and form them into cones. You may paint them or leave them as is. Now stick them on your cardboard base.

Cardboard Roll Wreath

Take cardboard rolls from paper towels or toilet paper. Cut them into numerous rings. Paint them and stick them together.

Accordion Fan Wreath

Take the paper and fold it into an accordion. Staple the accordion at one tip. Glue them onto the base.

Accordion Ring Wreath

Make an accordion from the coloured paper. Glue the ends of the paper to form a ring. Now assemble several accordion rings onto the cardboard

Rose Wreath

Make a rose out of paper and glue them onto the cardboard base. Go a mile extra and wrap the wreath with a strong jute yarn. This will give you a vintage vibe.

Pom Pom Wreaths

Make several pom poms with any yarn that you can find. Glue them onto the cardboard base to make a Christmas-themed wreath.