Easy Flower Painting Ideas

24 May 2024

Classic Floral Portraits

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, classic floral portraits never disappoint as they are the most basic and easy flower painting ideas.

Easy Abstract Flower Painting Ideas

You must put your spin on easy abstract flower painting ideas. Play with shape, colour, and texture in bold new ways.

Single Bloom Study

Begin your easy flower painting ideas journey with a simple single-bloom study. Choose a flower with straightforward shapes, such as a daisy or a tulip.

Watercolor Wildflowers

Watercolour makes for the best medium when it comes to easy abstract flower painting ideas. Watercolour paints are translucent that perfectly capture the delicate essence of flowers.

Impressionist Garden Scene

Take inspiration from the Impressionist masters and create a garden scene filled with vibrant blooms. Sketching the basic elements of a garden, such as trees, bushes, and a winding path.

Monochrome Magnolias

Colours can be challenging. The guide wouldn’t be called easy flower painting ideas, if it wasn’t dare we say, easy. Simplify your colour palette, maybe monochromatic or even black and white would help.

Mixed Media Blossoms

The last entry in easy flower painting ideas is through mixed media. Start by collaging various textured papers onto your canvas to form the background.