Kumaoni Aipan Art Designs to Try

22 June 2024

This Aipan art is designed on a ‘chowki’ as a seat of the goddess Saraswati. It is usually performed before a child starts school. At the centre is a five-pointed star.

1. Saraswati Chowki

It is often used in ‘havan’ or ‘yagya.’ In this Aipan art design, two triangles separated by overlapping diagonal lines are drawn in the centre along with the five-pointed star.

2. Chamunda Hast Chowki

This Kumaoni Aipan art design is mostly seen during ‘Navaratri.’ It starts with nine dots symbolising the nine avatars of the goddess. A square bounds these dots, adorned with lotus petals.

3. Nav Durga Chowki

The Janeyu chowki is made during the sacred thread ceremony. This Aipan art design features seven stars as its centre, enclosed by a hexagon. The stars represent the fabled ‘sapt rishis.’

4. Janeyu Chowki

This Kumaoni Aipan art is a must during a wedding. The bridegroom is seated on this ‘chowki.’ The stool carries the motifs of a tree with three branches reminiscent of a pitcher carrying Lord Shiva’s trident.

5. Dhuli Arghya Chowki

The Jyoti Patta Aipan art design is drawn on plywood, paper, and hardboard, especially on the wedding day. The top row depicts the Himalayas, followed by a few lines of floral & geometrical patterns.

6. Jyoti Patta

The Laxmi Yantra, often made on the floor during Diwali is a requisite for every Kumaoni home. The centre is marked with a flower or a dot. It is bounded by two upside-down triangles.

7. Laxmi Yantra