7 Steps to DIY Floral Centerpieces

Step 1: Get your Materials Together

Before making a floral centerpiece, make sure that you have enough flowers and foliage. Cut and trim them beforehand. Ensure that you have the bowl/vase, and other materials at your disposal.

Step 2: Arrange the Vessel

If you're using floral foam, make a few cuts in it and soak in water until the foam is wet. Place it in the container (vase or bowl). If you are using a ‘frog’, place it in the container and secure it inside with waterproof tape (in the shape of an X) on the opening of the vessel.

Step 3: Set the Tone with Foliage

It is time to add in your foliage. This will create a lush base for your flower centerpiece. Whatever pattern (geometrical, symmetrical, circular) you decide to arrange it in, ensure that it covers the entire container.

Step 4: Place Larger Flowers 

Place the larger thematic flowers (the focal point) in the centre of the floral centerpiece. Position them at varying heights to create a unique visual texture. Be cautious of the shape of the flower and how it adds to the design.

Step 5: Add Smaller Flowers

Fill in the gaps with smaller blooms. Harmonize them by distributing them evenly throughout the floral centerpiece. Arrange them in various heights. Continue this step, till the centerpiece looks lush and abundant.

Step 6: Add Texture and Greenery

Incorporate further greenery and foliage to add depth to your floral centerpiece. Based on the shape of the focal flowers, tuck them in between. You do not need to be bound by the container. It’s alright if the foliage spills out.

Step 7: Take A Bow

Now that your floral centerpiece is complete, you may ornament it using additional decorative accessories. You may tie it up with a ribbon, or place several small bows within the arrangement.