7 Talented Ball Pen Artists

James Mylne is a London-born artist. He uses a pencil to outline his drawings, detailing the hardest parts of the composition with the Bic Biro. The scratch-like effect help him shade and contour his paintings. His ball pen art has a hint of politics. His modern rendition of ‘Girl With A Pearl Earring’ - ‘Girl With Prada Sunglasses’ is quite famous.

James Mylne

Portugal-based artist, Samuel Silva is a self-taught ball pen artist. To give an illusion of blending in his ball point pen art, he meticulously shades his subjects using cross-hatching.

Samuel Silva

Mexican artist, Alfredo Chamal’s ball pen art is photorealistic. His artwork is described as contemporary realism - offering a window into his subject’s psyche. He has become a trailblazer in the New Mexican Psychorealism movement.

Alfredo Chamal

Juan Francisco Casas is a Spanish painter, who has worked with numerous mediums. Now he mostly draws his hyper-realistic ball pen art on canvases towering over 10 feet.

Juan Francisco Casas

Nigerian artist, Oscar Ukonu’s ball pen art takes about 200 - 400 hours to complete. His hyperrealistic paintings describe the diversity and heritage of African culture. They also describe the harsh realities of being black both in the western & foreign lands and in his native town. His work is seldom considered the progenitor of Afrorrealism.

Oscar Ukonu

Ukrainian artist Andrey Poletaev’s subject choice is quite simple (portraits and cityscapes). He is a master of shading, nuances, and expressions, capturing the liveliness and the city’s fast life. Almost photographic, there is an unexpected fluidity in his artwork.

Andrey Poletaev

Marite Desaine is a Latvian ball pen artist who paints colourful and vivid atmospheres. Her artwork evokes universal emotions that certain weather may bring. In addition to atmospheres, she also did still life, showcasing vibrant colours.

Marite Desaine