A Look Inside Chatterjee and Lal Gallery

Mortimer Chatterjee and Tara Lal, combined their expertise, giving birth to Chatterjee and Lal Gallery in 2003. From classical masterpieces to abstract expressionism, the gallery has been home to numerous artworks

Over the years, the gallery has evolved, becoming a pivotal platform for artists experimenting with various mediums, from painting and sculpture to multimedia installations and performance art.

Chatterjee and Lal Gallery prides itself on representing a diverse roster of artists, from established luminaries like KG Subramanyan, Nelly Sethna, and Jitish Kallat to emerging talents such as Prajakta Potnis and Sahej Rahal.

Chatterjee and Lal gallery was a pivotal part of the IAF 2024, Art Mumbai 2023, Architectural Digest Design Show 2018, amongst others.