A Peek Into Achyut Kanvinde Works

27 April 2024

Achyut Purushottam Kanvinde was an Indian architect. Along with Shaukat Rai, Achyut Kanvinde architect firm, namely ‘Kanvinde and Rai’ was established in New Delhi in 1955.

Achyut Kanvinde Architect Philosophy

Achyut Kanvinde’s designs boast of an exquisite mix of functionality and brutalist architecture. His expertise lies in manoeuvring space (especially geometrical) and forms, for example, ISKCON Temple in New Delhi.

IIT Kanpur

Amongst Achyut Kanvinde works IIT Kanpur stands as a forerunner of his architectural sensibilities because of cubic shapes, smooth & undecorated surfaces, absence of embellishments and mouldings, and flat roofs.

Dudhsagar Dairy Complex

Another among Achyut Kanvinde projects, which herald the postmodern brutalist architecture as supreme is the Dudhsagar Dairy Complex.