Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings

Adaptive Reuse

Aadaptive reuse architecture aims at repurposing an old structure. Rather than demolishing and starting anew, the trend transforms and revitalizes former buildings and breathes new life into them, enabling longevity.

Adaptive reuse has been present since time immemorial. While the trend began for financial and practical reasons, the resurgence is often credited with preserving cultural identity.

Soro Village Pub, Goa

The Soro Village Pub is housed within a former industrial complex. The adaptive reuse project was undertaken by Raya Shankar Architects who aimed at preserving the maximum.

The Jaffa, Tel Aviv

The luxury hotel is another in a long list of adaptive reuse of heritage buildings. The architect, Ramy Gill, aimed to renovate the School of the Sisterhood of Saint Joseph convent and the 19th-century former French hospital.