Ancient and Present Roots Of Chanderi Weaving in Madhya Pradesh

By Abir Pothi


The allure of Chanderi’s creations extended to numerous royal households, including those in Gwalior, Indore, Kolhapur, Baroda, and Nagpur. These exquisite textiles graced important occasions like childbirth and weddings within these noble families.

Chanderi Weaving Now

Nestled within Chanderi lies a tapestry of looms, predominantly congregated in an enclave known as ‘Bahar Shahar‘. In this district, the thoroughfares come alive with the rhythmic clatter of looms, each artisan proudly overseeing a minimum of 2 to 4 of these contraptions (culminating in an impressive total of over 3500 looms within this small township!)

The Design Language of Chanderi

Among the array of captivating motifs gracing Chanderi fabric, notable ones include ‘Nalferma,’ ‘Chatai,’ ‘Dandidar,’ ‘Jangla,’ ‘Ashrafi,’ ‘Bundi,’ ‘Churi,’ and ‘Keri.’

Chanderi’s Allure

In recent times, the collaboration between fashion designers and Chanderi weavers has led to the creation of trendy wardrobe staples.