14 May 2024

Architecture of The Largest Auditorium in India

The ground floor seating of the Sri Shanmukhananda Hall are divided into a groups of four. The main aisle, segregates the seats into asymmetrical patterns for accurate sightlines.

It has a seating capacity of 2763, effectively making it the largest auditorium in India. The seating includes 1462 seats on the ground floor, 791 seats on the first floor, and 510 balcony seats.

The first-row seats are reserved for VIPs. Each row is 1.5 m wide. The Sri Shanmukhananda Hall stage is elevated by 1.2 meters. The inner area is 30m x 20m, whereas the outer area is 40m x 10m.

Made of wood, it has two staircases on either side and four stage wings. It is finished with wooden laminating. The back curtain hides air-conditioning and fire-fighting equipment.

Due to the reflective and absorbing surfaces, the acoustics of Sri Shanmukhananda Hall are greatly enhanced. The polished marble on either side reflects the sound.

These sides also feature murals representing nature through lush greens, bright sun, mountains, rivers, and a rainbow. The Sri Shanmukhananda Hall is equipped with four green rooms

The acoustic board at the back of the hall & ceilings and the carpeted flooring absorb any unwarranted noise. These boards are non-flammable and anti-pollution.