Brutalist Architecture in India

Brutalist architecture is an architectural style that first became prominent in the United Kingdom after World War II. As the name suggests, brutalist architecture aims at celebrating and exposing the “brutal” truth of the buildings.

The building is situated in Hauz Khaz, New Delhi. It features two buildings, meeting at the top for a vast open space. These zig-zag towers connect via a central corridor.

National Cooperative Development Corporation, New Delhi

A pinnacle of brutalist architecture, Le Corbusier designed the Palace of Assembly in 1962. It is a seat of the Punjab and Haryana government. It features angular structures rendering it an impeccable form.

Palace of Assembly, Chandigarh

BV Doshi designed the IIM building in 1973. It features intersecting corridors and orthogonal plans. Therefore, one may find several open spaces and gardens.

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore