Cesar Pelli: The Art of Building Harmony

The renowned Argentine-American architect Cesar Pelli is well-known for his avant-garde architectural designs and towering skyscrapers. His vast portfolio spans a variety of buildings, from the World Financial Centre in New York City to the well-known Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia.

Cesar Pelli Design Philosophy

According to Cesar Pelli, building ought to reflect its surroundings and meet the demands of its people. He disregarded inflexible design philosophies in favour of highlighting the value of regional materials and finding creative solutions to design problems

Pelli’s Range of Projects

Cesar Pelli completed a wide range of projects all around the world over his remarkable career. Pelli was known for his unique architectural designs, which can be seen in everything from the U.S. Embassy in Japan to the Canary Wharf Towers in London and the enlargement and renovation of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.