Landscape Artists in Modern and Contemporary Art Scene

By Abir Pothi

Erin Hanson – Crystal Dawn

Erin Hanson, an artist hailing from Oregon, has taken up the mantle of the Impressionist movement and forged her own artistic path with the creation of Open-Impressionism.

Late Afternoon (2020), Etel Adnan

Etel was an Arab American author and artist, seamlessly translates her perceptual vision from written word to vibrant, small-scale landscapes.

INDRA DUGAR (1918 – 1989) Untitled Watercolour

Indian landscape painter who hails from West Bengal depicts the beauty of his homeland with a blend of realism and impressionism.

Haren Das’s printwork

A pioneering artist and printmaker of the mid-twentieth century, defied convention by focusing on landscapes within his extensive body of work.

Enrique Martinez Celaya, The Garden

An artist of diverse talents, paints landscapes and seascapes that evoke a profound sense of both solitude and wonder.

Inka Essenhigh’s surreal landscape painting

An artist known for her imaginative approach, defies the traditional notions of landscape painting. 

Kanwal Krishna’s landscapes

A landscape artist of remarkable talent, embarked on a journey through Afghanistan, Khyber Pass, and the Swat valley in 1945 with his wife Devyani