Botanical Illustrations

Choose your favourite flowers, leaves, or plants. Whether you prefer a realistic approach or a more stylized interpretation, botanical illustrations will make up for a beautiful colour pencil art piece.


Blend reality with fantasy by creating surreal portraits with coloured pencils. You can even make a portrait of a cartoon character. These portraits will truly be a star of your colour pencil art gallery.

Animal Kingdom

Another idea for colour pencil art for beginners is the animal kingdom. You can experiment with different textures and shading techniques to bring your subjects to life on the page.

Abstract Expressionism

Embrace your inner abstract artist and make abstract pencil colour art. Since abstract expressionism rarely focuses on a perfect form, your vibrant compositions will include bold shapes and dynamic lines.

Landscapes and Cityscapes

Transport yourself to far-off lands and bustling cities with colour pencil art scenery. Capture the beauty of a serene village, the majesty of a mountain range, or the energy of a bustling metropolis.

Colour Pencil Clip Art

A little irony goes a long way. Why not use coloured pencils to create a simple colour pencil clip art? Furthermore, you can import this drawing to your digital devices and make it a part of your conversation.

Still Life Studies

A challenging yet fun colour pencil art work is a still life study. Focus on capturing the innate textures and subtle nuances of these objects, from the rough skin of a pineapple to the delicate petals of the flowers.