Edmund Thomas Clint Art Style

9 May 2024

When one looks at Edmund Thomas Clint paintings, one is miraculously transported to the vibrant and vivid representation of Kerala’s culture and environment; the most notable being the elephant processions of ‘Thrissur Pooram.’

The child artist loved painting Hindu festivals and traditional events near his home in Kochi, Kerala. His paintings show clear influences of the Bible and Hindu mythologies, propagated by his father.

Some of his paintings portray scenes from the epics ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata.’ It is said that his favourite characters were ‘Ganpati’ (a subject of more than 300 paintings) and ‘Abhimanyu.’

Despite being a child, he would flawlessly paint themes as deep and dense as death, solitude, and love. In the beginning, Edmund Thomas Clint artworks would be simple pencil drawings depicting the daily lives of his immediate surroundings.