Everyday Life in Artist Thota Vaikuntam's Paintings

9 July 2024

Artist Thota Vaikuntam portrays the Indian bucolic landscape. He celebrates the villagers and their simple life, often painting the paddy fields, temples, and men carrying and drinking ‘toddy.’

Thota Vaikuntam artworks also describe his fascination with Indian culture and mythology as he tirelessly paints away the image of Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha.

A master of several mediums, he uses charcoal on paper, pencils, watercolours, and sculptures. The fixation with reds, saffrons, and seldom orange is evident in Thota Vaikuntam artworks.

Thota Vaikuntam paintings describe his affination towards the feminine. The women boast of their dusky complexion, vermilion ‘bindis’ and colourful Sircilla sarees.

If you look closely at Thota Vaikuntam’s art, you will notice the innate movement, as if they will erupt into classical dance at any moment. He uses colours in a way that exaggerates their personality.

Thota Vaikuntam paintings have won him the 1988-89 Biennale Award from Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, the 1993 National Award for Painting, and the 1988 National Film Award for Telugu film ‘Daasi.’