Famous Handicrafts of Rajasthan

25 May 2024


Meenakari is the fine art of jewellery moulding and applying colourful enamel to grooves and engravings in ornaments to give the piece the appearance of a picture.

Lac Bangles

Lac bangles or lacquer bangles originated in Rajasthan in the 18th century and have since grown to be a significant aspect of that region's culture, in particular Jaipur and Jodhpur.

Kundan Work

Jadau or Kundan work, another famous handicrafts of Rajasthan is a jewellery-making technique to set stones in extremely refined gold. Kundan work is often done by hand.

Thewa Kala

Another type of jewellery making in Rajasthan that is unique to Pratapgarh is called Thewa kala, or quasi-enameling. It uses incredibly fine gold work, usually on a green enamel foundation.


Tie and dye textiles, also called bandhani, are made with natural colours and produce a wide range of patterns. Additionally, bandhani textiles are used for symbolic meanings.


Leheriya textiles get their namesake from a river's meandering waves. The majority of these prints can be found on dupattas, sarees, and turbans.


Bagru textiles, another famous handicrafts of Rajasthan, is known for its earthy hues and geometric designs, featuring zigzag patterns made with block printing and natural dyeing methods.

Carpets & Rugs

Amongst the top 10 traditional handicrafts of Rajasthan are the carpets & rugs with myriad hues, textures, and patterns. Jaipuri carpets, Dhurries, and quilts

Rajasthani Rajai

The feather-light Rajasthani rajais make it a distinguished and top 10 traditional handicrafts of Rajasthan. When compared to typical heavy quilts, it is lightweight.


Rajasthan's leatherware sector is renowned in the world. High-end leather shoes known as ‘Mojaris’ and ‘Juttis’ are indigenous to the cobblers.

Blue Pottery

Amongst the famous handicrafts in Rajasthan, glazed pottery or Blue pottery originated in Turkey and Persia. Glazed pottery is a traditional craft of Jaipur known for its vivid and striking cobalt-blue.

Kagzi Pottery

Alwar is renowned for its exquisite, Kagzi pottery. It is called Kagzi pottery because it is so thin. Strong, deeply incised, stylised arabesque patterns adorn highly polished biscuit-coloured pottery.

Bikaner Pottery

The Nohar region in Bikaner is famous for Bikaner pottery. Lac colours are used to create the pieces. The colour yellow, which stands for Rajasthan's splendour is the most common.

Marble Works

Premium Makrana marbles are meticulously carved by hand to create eye-catching marble works. In addition, marble works also incorporate designs from Kundan work and Meenakari stone works.


Terracotta is simply baked soil which can later be moulded. The Aihore region's terracotta figurines are highly sought-after. The terracotta figures are hollow on the inside and lightweight.

Tarakashi Work

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