Fold Cards? NEVER! Fold Origami Paper? ALWAYS!

WHAT IS ORIGAMI? Origami paper is used to fold origami art, typically thinner than regular paper for complex folds and easy folding. Standard sheets are square, 3-inch, 6-inch, or 10-inch. Modern origami crafts often use rectangle paper, banknotes, washi papers, or paper-backed foil, with modern paper rarely featuring colors or textures.

Building a Crane – Step By Step Origami Paper Craft In Japanese folktales, cranes symbolize fortune, hope, peace, and longevity. If an individual folds 1000 paper crane origami, they may make a special wish that will come true. This step-by-step guide provides instructions on creating 1000 paper bird origami to make a crane.

Paper Origami Animals Exhibit your creative bone to make an origami paper elephant, origami paper fish, origami paper butterfly, and swan paper origami. Place these sculptural marvels on the mantelpiece of your bookcase to be adored. Don’t forget to use coloured paper corresponding to the animal to elevate their beauty.

Paper Origami Objects Create a variety of origami paper objects, including Christmas trees, boats, airplanes, ninja stars, and heart ornaments. Compete in ninja wars and impress your significant other with handmade paper rings and hearts for Valentine's Day.

Paper Origami Flowers We are often asked the question if and how to make a paper rose origami. The answer is a big fat YES. You just need to find a guide which works for you. Make a blooming rose or a rosebud, the choice entirely depends on you. Now that you have made roses, don’t forget to include them in your floral centrepiece.