Grease Your Art Wheels to Make Oil Pastel Art Projects

Artists are defined by their narratives and chosen medium, whether contemporary ballpoint pens or traditional oil pastels, as seen in famous works like Degas' 'The Dancing Class' and Millet's 'Dandelions'.

Oil pastels, created by the Sakura Cray-Pas Company in 1924, are vibrant, non-drying crayons made from pigments and coconut oil. They are less powdery than traditional pastels and are available in sticks.

Art oil pastels are versatile mediums used for sketching and creating impasto effects. They can be applied directly to the canvas and spread with a wet brush, but they can cause damage if improperly preserved.

Create a painting of Lord Shiva and Parvati using techniques like silhouettes, oil pastels, and puppets in his 'Ardhanareeshvara' form.

Explore abstract narratives in oil pastel art, incorporating Jackson Pollock's techniques or cubist techniques, resulting in magnificent abstract art.

India's Warli art, a timeless piece featuring geometric shapes and stick figures, can be easily captured using oil pastels, showcasing India's rich folk arts.

Beginners can explore oil pastel art as a modern art form, focusing on the artist's philosophy and experimenting with simple figures, deconstruction, and curating pieces like Mark Rothko's.