How To Make Picture Frames: 6 Easy Steps

Materials Required:

– Cardboard or construction paper – Popsicle sticks(optional) – Scissors – Decorative sheets – Stickers, glitters, and other embellishments according to your theme (optional) – Glue – Lamination sheet/Glass – Metal hanger hole (optional)

1. Measure the picture: Layout your picture or article to be framed and measure the length and breadth of the image.

2. Cut it out: Take 2 pieces of cardboard/construction paper. Use one as the base of the photo frame and the other as the border surrounding the frame. Cut the two pieces according to the measurement of the image. Make sure to make the base and frame at least a few centimetres bigger than the picture. You may add a layer of popsicle sticks at the back of your base and frame in order to provide sturdiness to your picture frame.

3. Decorate your frame: Let your creative juices flow. Decorate the frame according to your theme. Cover the base and frame with decorative paper, write quotes, and add some sparkle or florals.

4. Add protective layering: Stick the lamination sheet or thin glass at the back of your hollowed-out frame.

5. Add the Image: Place the image on the base. Make sure the image is properly visible through the lamination sheet/glass. Stick the base to the frame.

6. Support the base: With the help of the remaining cardboard, cut out an elongated piece of rectangle to use as a stand and stick it onto the backside of the frame. Or stick a small metal hanger hole at the top of the base if you want to hang the photo frame.

And there it is! Your own personalised picture frame.