How to Make Plant Pots from Plastic Bottles

Using a marker, plan out the design and then cut the plastic bottle. Heat the screwdriver and poke two or three holes at the bottom for water drainage.

STEP 1: Prepare the Plastic Bottle

You may paint the bottle any colour you like. If you are making designs, paint them according to the color scheme. Don’t forget to paint the inside as well. Leave the paint to dry.

STEP 2: Paint the Bottle

If you are making them into the shape of a rabbit, outline the ears and then cut them. Paint them and add decoration to these plastic plant pots in the form of feet or hands. Don’t forget the googly eyes.

Idea 1: Animal Aesthetics

Decorate plastic plant pots with a jute rope. It will give them a rustic and vintage vibe.

Idea 2: Rustic Ropes

If you have old clothes, you can cut them out, layer or braid them, and stick to the plastic plant pots to create unique designs.

Idea 3: Fabric Frenzy

Start with a base layer of gravel, but do not go heavy. Now add the soil. If you wish to grow a plant from scratch, mix soil with organic manure. Set your plant or seed in the soil. Now add at least 1-2 cm of soil mixture.

STEP 3: Pot The Plant