Human Forms in Krishna Reddy's Works

Krishna Reddy (b. 15 July 1925) was a printmaker, sculptor, and teacher who was known for dabbling in intaglio and viscosity printmaking techniques. He is also known as the master of printmaking.

Abstract prints with delicate grid-like patterns published on plates with complex texturations are the hallmark of Krishna Reddy artist artworks. He has also sculpted with burins and scrapers.

These art pieces portray faceless figures with their arms raised up. The series of figures in both print and sculpture are attached by their sides connoting solidarity among people.

Demonstrators and Demonstrations (1968)

Clown Forming’ is an abstract picture of a performer enclosed by what appears to be a scaffold. The ring is represented by a beautiful pattern of concentric ovals, and spectators see the clown floating in space.

Clown Forming (1981)