Jitish Kallat’s Oeuvre Baffles His Audience

An Indian contemporary artist whose oeuvre includes paintings, photography, collages, sculpture, and multimedia is Jitish Kallat.

Jitish Kallat artwork revolves around the notions of life cycle, death, identity, lineage, and city life. His canvases hold rustic appeal, imbued with diverse textures, which in turn manipulate the image.

Jitish Kallat Artist Style

In Jitish Kallat epilogue, he describes his late father’s life through 22, 889 moons that he saw in his life. The moon is represented by ‘rotis,’ which not only amounts to Indian ritualistic life but also elucidates the concept of daily bread.

Jitish Kallat Epilogue

These Jitish Kallat paintings showcase the use of red and green lines, depicting the contour of the branches at different times of the day.

Circadian Study (contact tracing)

They resemble a Rorschach graph. One would see three integers, alluding to the estimated global population, birth, and deaths. These integers evoke the concept of triangulation.

Integer Study (drawing from life)

Modelled after the water tankers, a staple during the summers in urban India, this sculpture evokes fear amongst the audience. It is as if the gigantic mammoth emerged from the depths of the ocean.


The installation depicts sleeping figurines, akin to the commuters on the train platform. A state of sleep is a trance where the real ‘self’ vanishes. However, the figurines describe a state of restlessness and awareness towards the immediate surroundings.